Thick Indiscretion

n·dis·cre·tion/ˌindiˈskreSHən/ Noun: Behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment: "sexual indiscretions" This blog is full of thick, juicy indiscretions from a straight guy in his 20's. Many are from myself, others are what I find to be hot, sexy, fun, or in fine taste. You'll probably see lots of cock, lots of beautiful women, sexual writing, as well as marijuana and other fun substances. To browse by my favorite tags and learn more, click here.

I'd love to include more of what you're into, answer your questions, and post submissions when you feel like sharing. Don't be shy. Unlike the name, I can be very discrete.

His girth challenges her, stretches her small, tight pussy. More than the length, it’s the masculine feeling of his thickness that makes her feel like a woman. Unlike her small, thin fingers and smooth toys, the rigid veins of his massive cock pulse with the flow of blood; alive, growing, thrusting to immerse itself in her, contour to the needs of her wet pussy. As she squeezes and contracts her pussy around him, her wet juices trigger a second wind of sorts. He stiffens further as he begins to push harder and faster. Her eyes move from his own to his cock, back and forth. Connecting his face and cock in her mind, she can’t separate the two. They are intertwined. The way his sexy mind controls the pleasure every inch of his cock fills her with. Each and every time he slowly enters her she loses her breath, succumbing to every single thing he wants from her.

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